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Ebony & Indigo Story


Ebony and Indigo was started from my passion for natural skincare as well as my personal experience of the visible and lasting benefits of following a natural skincare regime.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it should therefore be treated with the care that it deserves. After a certain age, a proper skincare regime is a matter of necessity for a woman in order to achieve a glowing and vibrant skin. Once you have that really, you are already halfway to looking like the awesome goddess you are (or strive to be, as is the case for some of us!).

A few years ago and with a certain milestone birthday getting nearer (by the day!), I decided to become more serious about my skincare regime and started a quest for one that will help me avoid the visible signs of ageing .The more I read and researched about the skin and its care, the more I became convinced that using natural products is the best (if not the only) way to go. Whilst using non-natural skincare products do initially achieve great results, the downside is that all the chemicals and synthetic ingredients they contain do take their toll on the skin eventually, especially as you grow older and the skin loses its elasticity. I am sure like me, you still want to look your best even in your 70s (which woman wouldn’t, really).

I experimented with using only natural products (soap, moisturiser, toner and serum) on my face for six months and saw a visible and remarkable difference – the skin on my face was softer, plumped and glowed. The oiliness which I had battled with since my teenage years vanished. I started wearing less make up because the skin on my face shone through and there was nothing to cover up or conceal on my face anymore. I became converted and have never looked back.

I also discovered the pleasure of beautiful and heavenly smelling natural soaps, body butter and body scrubs .I never knew that there was so much variety out there – you could virtually make soap from any natural ingredient, from Lavender, Peppermint, and Grapefruit to Goat milk and even Hemp! And the smell of limitless combination of essential oil is just something that wakes up the senses in the morning, no matter how grumpy you wake up.

I came to the conclusion that natural and handmade skincare products are a luxurious tool to keeping your skin (especially your face) moisturised, soft and healthy as well as dealing with the signs of ageing.

In 2013, I moved back to Nigeria after living abroad for 25 years .My personal experience was that whilst there are some very good natural and organic skincare products available, there is not much variety to choose from. I also discovered that I was not the only one who felt this way. I have met ladies who could benefit from a regime of natural skincare but who struggle to find products which are affordable and reliable.

It is this gap (and passion) that gave birth to Ebony and Indigo Natural Skincare Boutique. The excitement I derive from the variety and beautiful looks of handmade soaps and the visible difference achieved from a natural skincare regime is something I want to share with you. I want you to treat your skin with the indulgence and luxury that it deserves (who else would do it, if you don’t! )

My team and I have curated natural skincare products which are made from unrefined natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, for its moisturizing and nourishing benefits to the skin; rich natural plants extracts such as Aloe Vera for its hydrating and even skin tone properties. Added to these natural goodness are the essential oils in each product which give it its unique scent.

Each of the products in the boutique has been carefully chosen and tested for its nourishing and skin enhancing benefits to the skin as well as the wonderful fragrances derived from essential oils which are kind to your skin.

Our claim to stock only natural and organic products is not just a gimmick – it is true .Each product contains ingredients which are 100% natural with no hidden “nasties “. 17B Godwin Omene Street, Off Emma Abimbola Cole Street, Lekki Phase 1

Pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home has never felt so good.


  • We will only stock soaps and skincare products made from the best of the best in natural and organic ingredients so that you can experience the incredible benefits you get from indulging your skin with the luxury of natural and handmade products.

  • We will only stock Brands which have been carefully selected for the care, quality and love that go into making their products. All the products are made out of natural unadulterated ingredients and do not contain synthetic fragrance, colorant, unnatural dyes or chemicals that will strip your skin of its natural goodness.

Be Kind to your Skin – use natural products.

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