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Natural wisdom blends perfectly with modern innovation in Magnifique Facial Mask, an enriching skin experience that penetrates into the pores to wash away impurities and restore moisture, as it deeply stimulates the facial skin with magnetic power, for a smooth, tightened appearance. Developed with nutritious basil, sage and rosemary, this mask utilizes the therapeutic benefits of natural iron to magnetically strengthen the skin barrier, effortlessly lifting the complexion and enhancing beautiful vitality. 

An innovative mask harnessing the magnificence of nature, this deep-cleansing skin experience is based on handcrafted herbal infusion of skin-plumping Rosemary, nutritious Basil and hydrating Sage, a natural agent of omega-3 and moisture-enrichment that helps prevent the skin-drying effects of the environment. 

Containing natural iron, Magnifique Facial Mask offers your skin an experience of magnetized radiance and pure vitality, enriched with hydrating and nourishing warmth of plant oils such as jojoba sesame grape seed, evening primrose and chamomile. Working with the magnetic nourishment of iron , Magnifique Facial Mask helps to prevent moisture loss and strengthen the skin barrier for silky firmness, smooth uniformity and a beautiful, relaxed glow. 

SIZE: 50ml 
Normal Use Apply evenly onto cleansed, dry facial skin, avoiding the eye area, and let dry for 10 minutes.
To remove the mask, wrap the magnet in a tissue and lightly glide over the facial skin.
After completely removing the mask, gently massage the treated area using circular motions.

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