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By: Ecocare





For cleaning, refreshing and conditioning the skin. 

A gift from nature - the beautifully crafted Organic Apple and Honey blend on special, soft Organic Cotton. You simply can’t get more NATURAL than this… 

These Certified Organic and natural wipes are specially crafted to leave your skin feeling firm and refreshedFacial skin is delicate and beautiful and it must be cleansed carefully. The optimal care for such precious skin is to use only organic and natural ingredients.  

The formulas used in the wipes are hypo-allergenic, alcohol free, skin safe and environment safe.Importantly no alcohol, parabens, artificial colours or harsh preservatives are added. The formulas are not only gentle on the skin but effective in cleansing. 

  • ECOCARE™ Organic Facial Wipes are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton, making them both natural and biodegradable. Nasties like bleach or chemical binders are not used, so it’s just pure beautiful cotton on your skin. The non-woven cotton is soft enough for the skin and durable enough not to tear easily. 
  • Organic Cotton is a natural and sustainable and biodegradable fibre, a more ethical choice than other artificial and blended materials commonly used in other wipes. It is formulated to cleanse and condition .It removes makeup and waterproof mascara . 
  • Four Apples are squeezed in to cleanse oily build-up and makeup, added Honey for hydration and nutrients and Green Tea for antioxidants. The unique formula is powerful enough to break through oil and makeup yet gentle enough to leave the skin soft and nourished.  
  • Because of the Apple juice included, the Organic Apple with Honey formulation is gentle on sensitive skin and most suitable for combination or oily skin types. It may also be helpful when traveling to hot, humid climates.  
  • Due to the extra-large size of each Organic Cotton wipe, the generosity of liquid included in each pack, and the effectiveness of our formula, generally one wipe is sufficient to remove a full face of makeup. The wipes are developed to be suitable for makeup removal, a freshen up after yoga, or as a daily cleanser.

Skin Type

Dry or Mature Skin

SIZE:25 wipes (18cm x 22cm) 

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